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Burger & Cream came about after 31 years of operating as a Foster's Freeze franchise in Auburn, CA. Through many years, twists, and turns, our menu evolved from typical fast food, to a high caliber fresh food. To continue providing our customers with the utmost quality and best food possible, we were forced to make a difficult decision to leave the Foster's Freeze name. Ultimately, this paved the way to becoming an independent restaurant and using our 40+ years of food service to build our very own brand; where quality and freshness come first!

Here at Burger & Cream we pride ourselves in serving the most deliciously fresh burgers, as well as an array of other options that are sure to satisfy any appetite! Don't forget to top off your meal with one of our ultra creamy fountain treats!

As of January 2020, we've expanded our brand by opening a new store in Grass Valley, CA.